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COD and VISA Payment

180 tab generic Fioricet - $229
180 tab Gabapentin 300mg - $139
COD Order

VISA order is only for returned COD customers.

COD Payment

We only accept COD (Collect On Delivery) Payment. Your billing Address and Shipping Address must be the same. We only accept Money orders as payment methods.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

We provide Free Priority Mail shipping to all orders. The System will send you tracking ID once your order is shipped. Normally your package will be delivered to your door 4 - 7 business days.

No Order Cancellation

Because the order is placed manually by the pharmacy guys right after you submit your orders. Normally the order is label printed the same business day.

Customer Privacy

We do not store customer information online. All your information we collect will be transferred to US licensed pharmacists and US licensed pharmacies.

Order Returned

We will place your first order after simple verification. If you ordered in our websites but have not picked up your order for any reasons, please do not order in our website any more.

We lost double the money amount of your order. We do not do business with no-responsible people. You can ask us to de-list you from our customer list.


We cannot refill your medications automatically. You have to come to our website to refill your self.

The websites do not work properly sometimes, you can also send an refill request email to the email account that sent you order ID and tracking ID.